Jonathan spent almost 10 years with one of the largest dental specific lenders in the country by helping dentists evaluate their first practice purchase, or through help with obtaining the right project financing for a scratch start up. During that time he helped open over 200 new “De Novo” dental offices, and performed as a project manager and financial analyst for first time practice buyers. During that time he worked alongside with close to a thousand doctors all over the country. He has established a growing referral network with more than 300 contacts on both east and west coast. As a result of his success he was invited to speak year after year to some of the top dental schools in the country like UCLA, Loma Linda, University of Pennsylvania and Temple.
It was his passion for First Time Owners that lead Jonathan to Fortune Management. In the last 5 years he has helped close to 40 First Time owners towards buying or starting their optimal practice. Armed with a knowledge of business development, Jonathan can help doctors achieve their goals from a key business strategy perspective. His ability lies in analyzing the doctors’ position based on the financial health of the practice and their strategy for business ownership to put them in the best possible situation guiding them to be the best CEO for their practice’s needs. He even wrote a book titled“Don’t Sweat the Startup".
As a Fortune Management coach, Jonathan can show doctors the path towards practice ownership, building ownership and navigating the lending landscape. With the help his relationships in the industry, he can help the doctors grow their practice and build their brand while maximizing their return on investment.
Jonathan has the most fun spending time with his wife Lyndsay, and two sons George and Leo. He has been called a great father, a great friend, and a below average skier.
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